Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Applying (Isabella's Diary)

What a long day today. Spent all of my time looking for job after job. Applying for this, that, anything I can get. I'd take anything at this point. Anything to give me that hope. I even went to a restaurant. I was a waitress in college for a little while. It was nice, easy money. This place is called G.H. and it's fancy. I walked in and filled out an application. I got the eyes... you know, the judging eyes, but whatever. It's my life and I need a job. I can do it. I can serve other people. The manager told me it's all high class and I would have to look a part and act a part.
Fair enough.
He took the application and said he'd call.
I doubt it.
At least I tried.
The best part was that when I left there was a limo sitting at the curb. A long black limo. I stood and waited, watching as the driver hurried out of the limo and went to the backdoor. He opened it and I was curious. Maybe it was a celebrity. That would be interesting to see. Very interesting.
It wasn't a celebrity... but OMG.
The man that got out of that limo was like nothing I've ever seen before. He was tall, sexy, intense. He didn't have to say a word to be intense. That was the thing. He didn't look at me. He didn't speak to me or even speak the man who opened his door. He just stood there for a few seconds, lost in thought. I hate to judge someone because I just complained about being judged, but the guy looked really rich. Powerful. Sexy. Wow, did I really write that twice? Whatever. It's my thing to write here I guess... he was sexy.
And then his name...
The man closed the door and said, "Shall I be back in one hour?"
The sexy man nodded.
The driver then said, "Okay, sir... Mr. Black."
Mr. Black.
Just say that name... Mr. Black.
I really hope the restaurant calls me for the job. I'd like to see Mr. Black again.


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