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It' alive!  It's alive!

Welcome to the world of Aiden Delmaro...


(Hopeless Command #1)
*She is my temptation, as I am hers...*

Aiden Delmaro is indulging in what he knows best, money and women, when he spots a beautiful, innocent woman standing in the middle of the strip club. There's something about her that's captivating, different... and addicting.
Elsie is in the last place she thought she'd end up in. A strip club. And it is all thanks to her wild roommate. Wendy, "Wicked", is a stripper, and the complete opposite of Elsie.

Elsie sees Aiden staring intently at her and she instantly loses herself. He's everything she wants and he can give her everything she needs. But Aiden isn't just interested in sex or domination... he's interested in discovering how deep Elsie's sexual desires will go.
It begins in a strip club, but in a shocking twist, it doesn't end until Elsie's first day of work at her new job...


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A Preview and a Contest

Okay... you all sent By His Command #5 into the Top 100 of erotica today on Amazon!  Thank you all SO much for that.

As a thank you, I'm going to post an excerpt from Hopeless Command #1 right here on my site and on my Facebook page!  Oh, and one more thing... anyone who shares the excerpt via Facebook will be entered into a contest.  Trust me, the prize is pretty cool... so read, and then share.  :)


I waited on the sidewalk, resisting the urge to pace.  I couldn’t believe I just walked away from a man so brilliantly sexy, but how could I not?  He was just messing around, playing games, probably trying to get a rise out of a woman like me.
I didn’t blame him for it, I blamed myself for becoming that kind of woman.
Even still, as I stood with the strip club to my back, knowing damn well I could have walked back inside, found Wendy, and maybe done something wild to drive Aiden Delmaro wild, I remained in place, waiting for a cab.  That’s just my personality, the kind of person stuck in a routine which is nothing but a rut.  And my rut was the future, and a vision of my life that could happen but most likely wouldn’t.  The vision of a house, a husband, children all the things I considered normal… but for how long would I enjoy it if and when it came?
As regret started to gnaw its teeth into me, I shivered.  Between the cool air and my burning body I needed to get as far away from the strip club as possible.  
Three cabs – not one, not two, but three – drove right by me in glorious fashion, ignoring my request of their service and two of them stopped at a red light a block away.  I thought about running after the second cab when I saw the red light but before I could take a step, the light turned green and the vehicle started to move.
At this rate, I’d never get home.  I’d never get a bath, with candlelight, and I’d never get my good night of sleep for my first day on the new job. 
“The cabs are horrible in this area.”
I turned to smile, out of courtesy to the person behind me and as I did, my mind registered the voice.
I knew that voice.
It was too late to cancel my smile because by the time my mind put the voice to a face I was staring at that face.
Aiden’s face.
“Oh.  You.”
“Oh.  Me.”
I turned back around and stepped into the road.  A desperate attempt to catch a cab for sure.  Or better yet, a cab could hit me and then I’d get a ride to the hospital and then home.
Aiden stepped with me and now stood next to me.
“I think it’s the strip club that does it,” he said.  He was so calm, acting as though nothing happened in the club.  “You know, the atmosphere.”
“Naked women?” I asked.  “Wouldn’t most cab drivers…”
“Not that,” Aiden said.  “Drunk men – and women – stumbling around, three seconds away from throwing up.  Fights.  Slurring.  The remains of what was a good night.  Not to mention, the cab drivers get to pick up the trash and don’t get to see the beautiful women inside.”
Beautiful women.
“However,” Aiden continued, “not many are quite as beautiful as you.”
His hand was on the move again, this time sliding into my hand.  I whimpered, hoping I could hide the sound, but when I saw Aiden smile again, I figured I was caught.
“So you have a car?” I asked.
“Plenty of them,” Aiden said.  “But I won’t drink and drive.  I don’t make bad choices.”
His head slowly turned and his burning eyes caught mine.  My body throbbed for him.  I knew the bad choices comment had nothing to do with drinking and driving. 
“I really have to get home,” I said.  “I’m starting a new job tomorrow.”
“New job?  And you came to the strip club to celebrate.”
“I already told you, I had to give my roommate…”
“Ah, here we are.  Finally.”
Aiden may have cut me off but it was the sight before my eyes that kept me in silence.  I watched as a sleek black limo appeared.
“I’m going to take you,” Aiden said.  “Come.  I won’t wait.”
His hand moved from my hand to my lower back.  His movements were naturally smooth.  He was a man who bled confidence and had not a single worry or care in the world.  He walked to the limo and opened the door.  He didn’t offer me a ride, he didn’t offer me to get in, he told me to do it.
He told me he was taking me home.
And his face was too sexy to deny.  His eyes were beady and intense, like staring into the eyes of a hungry predator.  A sexual predator, that’s what Aiden Delmaro was, but I still moved towards the limo. 
I figured I would have at least looked back, one last time, and tried to convince myself otherwise.  But it didn’t matter right then.  I moved into the limo and slid across.  I told myself I wouldn’t watch Aiden climb into the limo, but I did.  His size and demeanor was just amazing.
He took the seat across from me. 
It was the last thing I needed or wanted, or at least that’s what I continued to repeat in my mind.  I looked out the window and thought about my books at home.  The books I planned on reading in a few minutes.  By the time Aiden took me home it would only eat into a half hour, if that. 
Things could have ended up much worse.
The limo started to move and Aiden touched his tie.  He pulled at the knot and let out a long breath.
“Feels good to relax for a minute.”
“I’ll relax when I’m home.”
“Tell me your plans.”
I looked at Aiden and wanted to look mean or annoyed but I couldn’t.  I knew I looked desperate, my cheeks a little flushed, my hands touching the seat, constantly moving.  My nerves felt pinched and I was uncomfortable but yet comfortable at the same time.  I felt comfortable with the fantasy of Aiden Delmaro.  The idea of a hot stranger coming to me, wanting me, taking me away for a night (or life) of money and lust.  I felt uncomfortable actually being in what could have been the fantasy.
“My plans?”
“Going home and going to bed?  Is that it?”
The tone in Aiden’s voice egged me on.  I resisted it and just nodded.
“I see,” he said.  “A life ahead of you to live and you’re going to sleep it away.  Live in a cloud.”  He leaned forward and pointed at me.  His tie dangled between his legs.  I hated myself for looking.  To be honest, I wished the tie wasn’t there… or his pants.  I wanted to see more.  “I bet you have the next ten years planned out perfectly, don’t you?  Or at least in your eyes, it’s perfection.” 
Aiden paused, waiting for my reaction.  There was none.  I simply ignored him.  I needed to just ride this out a few more minutes and I’d be home.
When I didn’t react, Aiden sat back and loosened his tie some more.  He pulled the knot down until the tie let loose.  He pulled it from his neck and crumpled it into his big, strong hand and then tossed it at me.
I let the tie hit the seat next to me.  My nose perked up, wanting to grab the tie and smell it.  I wanted to memorize Aiden’s musky scent to keep for later use.  Thinking about my body – touching myself or Aiden touching me – made my cheeks burn again. 
“It’s time to live,” Aiden said.  “But, then again, you came to the strip club to drop something off for your roommate.”
“Something she needed,” I said.  “I’m a nice person.”
“That’s good.  I’m generally not.”
I liked Aiden being stern and mean, but I knew I had to be careful.  He could be dangerous.  Plus, if I kept talking, I’d have more of a story to tell Wendy. 
Think about that… I’d finally have a story to share with Wendy.
“Tell me your plans.”  Aiden tapped the leather seat in the limo.  “Right.  Now.”
“Fine,” I said.  “I’m going to take a hot bath.  With candles around the tub.  And relax.  Then I’m going to bed.”
Aiden’s eyes opened wide.  “Ah, so close… so, so close Elsie.”
When he said my name, my body flooded with a raging heat.  I was soaked again, as I thought about all the different things I wanted Aiden to do to me.
“So close?”
“So close,” Aiden repeated.  “There’s plenty after the candlelit hot bath.”
My cheeks were on fire, matching my body and my panties.  “Oh…?”
Aiden pointed to himself.  “Me.”
I tried to laugh but it came out as a whimper.  “You’re coming home with me?”
Oh, how my thoughts went wild.  I’d make Wendy so proud of me to have her come home and suffer through the sexual sounds of Aiden and myself going at it.
Aiden leaned forward again.  He looked more annoyed than ever.  He shook his head.  He reached for me, touching my knee.  My legs wanted to open, but I tried to fight it.
“Elsie… I’m not coming home with you tonight.  You’re coming home with me.”

Copyright 2013 Ana W. Fawkes

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By His Command #5 - HIS URGE!

Yes, it's finally here.  I apologize for the early morning delays, but everything is now live and ready.  This is By His Command #5 - HIS URGE.  This is my personal favorite so far.  It's the longest of all the books and I would LOVE to hear from all of you as you read it.

And don't forget... next week I'll be launching my next series, HOPELESS COMMAND!

What an exciting time and I have all of you to thank.  I really appreciate all the support.  :)

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