Friday, October 19, 2012

Hot Friday

Hey loves.  Hope your autumn week has been great.  I'm writing, as expected.  The third part of By His Command *should* be out by the end of October.

From there, I may be starting some new books... but I will continue to write Isabella and Mr. Black.  I have to, it's just too damn sexy! ;)

By His Command #2: HIS NEED


His Need

Ana w. Fawkes

Isabella Grace awakes on board billionaire Jonathan Black's private jet, destined for the west coast. When she can't separate her hands, she realizes that he has handcuffed her and she has to 'earn' her way out of them.

Once they land, Isabella learns that Jonathan has arranged for separate transportation while he tends to business matters. However, after an almost deadly encounter with one of Mr. Black's enemies, Isabella questions her trust for the dominant CEO. Because of her doubts, she is blindfolded and then handcuffed to a chair.

She must now prove her trust to Jonathan Black in order to earn his... but even under his control and command, there is no guarantee that she is protected from his dangerous past...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

By His Command #1: HIS WANT

His Want

 by Ana W. Fawkes

 Isabella Grace has been late for work three days in a row, but for good reason. Lingering in the main lobby of The J. Black Corporation, where she works, hoping to see the ultra sexy, billionaire CEO, Jonathan Black, is worth anything... or so she believes.

 When she gets a personal call from Mr. Back to visit him in his office, she expects to be fired for being late to work. It turns out Jonathan Black has noticed much more than just Isabella being late for the past three days. And beyond noticing her, he propositions her for work outside the office, including a surprise gift that leaves Isabella Grace in shock, in love, and under his full control and command.

More of By His Command...

Parts 2 AND 3 are now being shifted through the wild world of publishing... two more super hot parts for you all to read.

And, with that said, I want to thank everyone for reading the first part of By His Command:  HIS WANT.

So excited to share such a great story with you all!

I heart fall

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