Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hey Aiden!

That's right... the time has come!

Thanks to you, INDULGE is out early.  Remember a few weeks ago I messed up?  And then I said if you sent By His Command 6 into the top 100 of erotica I'd get INDULGE out early?  WELL... you did your part and now I've done mine!

Enjoy INDULGE...

The follow up to the super steamy TEMPTATION finds Aiden challenging Elsie to do things she never thought she would…

‘I stood in the doorway and watched as she dressed.’

Aiden Delmaro can’t control himself as he watches Elsie prove herself at his company. She’s not just a pretty face, she is a smart woman. Smarter than any of the men working directly under him.
But he doesn’t want Elsie in the company… he wants her to explore her wild side…
Elsie is desperate to prove herself to Aiden in the boardroom AND in the bedroom. So when he asks her to dance for him, to strip for him, things take a sexy turn…
As Aiden watches Elsie dance and strip, he knows there’s more to Elsie than she’s giving him and it only makes sense for him to command her to seek help. He enlists the help of Wicked, Elsie's experienced roommate. Aiden’s power and sexual need goes beyond anything Elsie could have predicted, all leading to a dance that will put her in Aiden’s heart and mind perhaps forever. And yes, she’ll get the help she needs...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

All fixed!

Okay, the Amazon problems are NOW FIXED!  Thank you to Amazon for helping so fast.  And thank you to all the dedicated readers who still found a way to get By His Command #6... keep it up!

Remember... if we get the book into the Top 100 in erotica, Hopeless Command #2 will come out early!!!!!

So... buy, read, review, post, share, love, and live.

Friday, March 15, 2013

By His Command UPDATE

Hey Everyone!

Good news and bad news...

Good news is that By His Command #6 is LIVE!  It's here.  FINALLY, right?  More about the mysterious 'K' text messaging Isabella.  More about Jonathan and his demand to return to 'normal'.

The bad news... the book is having problems showing up in Amazon searches.  You have to go through the direct link posted below to get to the book.  PLEASE share this with everyone... if you go to and look, the book won't show!  Clicking the link, however, will bring you to the page.  The great people at Amazon are hard at work fixing the glitch, but I wouldn't want any of you to miss out on By His Command over this weekend!!!!  :)

And for my Nook readers:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hot Monday Update

Just wanted to stop in and say hey to everyone.  :)

I've been hard at work, balancing my time with Jonathan Black and Aiden Delmaro.  (Such a hard life, right?)

I can safely now say that BOTH By His Command #6 and Hopeless Command #2 are in the final processing stages of their publishing lives... if that makes sense.  What that actually means is that by the end of March, both books will be released.

You'll get to see what happens with Isabella Grace and the mystery person texting her... and you'll get to see what Aiden has in store for innocent Elsie...

I really love this books and these characters.  They are hot and wild.  And if I may say so... when you read Hopeless Command #2 - INDULGE - it'll make you sweat.  It's so good, so hot.